Now Offering Therapeutic Massage
Meet our RMT, over six years experience in the wellness industry now available for BB Skin Care & Laser Studio
clients. Massage is a cost effective way to enhance your mobility, quality of life, & posture. Massage can be used to
correct your digestive system, your aches & pains, and so much more. We're always here for our clients. Sleeping
wrong, or an accident can leave you grumpy, with as little as one massage we can have you back to your cheerful self.

Book with our RMT, licensed in Alberta, direct billing available.
13706 - Castledowns Road,
Edmonton, Alberta T5X 4H7

Monday - Friday: 10:00am  - 7:00pm
Saturday: 10am - 5pm
Sunday: Closed

780-456-9333  |  EMAIL
Beyond Basic
Medical Grade
Skin Care
When deciding to invest in your skin, home care is very important. Medical
grade skin treatments requires medical grade home care.

We will provide you with the products you need to enhance your results, and
safely care for your skin during the healing process. With every product we
have instructions for your benefit, we also have the skills to pair ingredients
together to get maximum results, giving you even more enhancement out of
your treatment. 

Medical grade skin care will be sold only under the supervision of a skin care
Since I was 20 years old, I spent hundreds of dollars trying to find that perfect product to
provide results. After years of searching I found the secret. I bypass all the commission sales
folks, I finally realized by the time the night cream I purchased ended up on my night stand it
was marked up over 100%.

No way was I going to pay this huge price increase. My mission was to create a product that
would give results without the huge price tag, that meant searching for years, through every
country imaginable. So many to choose from, I was confused, & I was breaking the bank. I had
enough, I went straight to a Dermatologist, & had her manufacture me up the most beautiful
skin care I could imagine.
BB Skin Care & Laser Studio is not just any skin care, the ingredients are high end, the packaging is beautiful. Results! At
last.. Search is over, & I bring it all to you. Your search is finally done now to. Although my cost is low, don't be fooled.. If I
put my product in a store, it would be more than twice the price, & still be worth every penny. However, if I can save
money, I'll pass the savings on to you. After all, I believe nice skin, glowing faces aren't only for celebrities & wealthy
people, I priced my products for the everyday woman. Women who know their skin care will love my product, it's filled
with anti oxidants, peptides, & highest content of active ingredients FDA will allow. You won't find anything like this
product.. It's Beyond Basic!
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